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7月16日Apache 基金会在 把 Facebook BSD+Patents 开源许可加入了禁止名单中。因为著名的开源项目 React 是基于这个协议的,那就意味着 Apache 基金会下所有开源项目都需要在 8 月 31 号前移除 React 相关代码。

BSD 的授权本身是简单,开放,没有限制的,但 Facebook BSD+Patents 在此基础增加了一个 专利协议。

简单来说就是使用React及其衍生项目的开发者,一旦对 Facebook 发起专利诉讼,则将失去使用 Ract 开源项目的的权利。Facebook将能够向你发起侵权诉讼。

乍一看,这是一个防御型协议,但仔细一分析,即如果你使用了 react,则永远放弃对 facebook 的专利起诉。也就是说如果 facebook 抄袭你的产品,你也只能忍了。 并且Facebook拒绝修改React的开源许可条款

基于这一点,知名的开源博客项目 WordPress 宣布停止使用 React 相关项目。 并开始做新的技术选型,并且将会对已有的基于 React 的项目进行重写。

原文: https://ma.tt/2017/09/on-react-and-wordpress/

据悉,百度也已经于近日要求外部产品线停止使用 React / React Native 等 Facebook 下涉及特定专利条款的开源产品,给半年时间来「转型」,推荐使用 Vue 或者自研的 San 作为替代方案。内部产品如果是新产品,则不能使用 React。

另外百度内部在自研 React Native 的替代方案。


附 Facebook BSD+Patents 全文

Additional Grant of Patent Rights Version 2

"Software" means the React software distributed by Facebook, Inc.

Facebook, Inc. ("Facebook") hereby grants to each recipient of the Software
("you") a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable
(subject to the termination provision below) license under any Necessary
Claims, to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, and otherwise
transfer the Software. For avoidance of doubt, no license is granted under
Facebook's rights in any patent claims that are infringed by (i) modifications
to the Software made by you or any third party or (ii) the Software in
combination with any software or other technology.

The license granted hereunder will terminate, automatically and without notice,
if you (or any of your subsidiaries, corporate affiliates or agents) initiate
directly or indirectly, or take a direct financial interest in, any Patent
Assertion: (i) against Facebook or any of its subsidiaries or corporate
affiliates, (ii) against any party if such Patent Assertion arises in whole or
in part from any software, technology, product or service of Facebook or any of
its subsidiaries or corporate affiliates, or (iii) against any party relating
to the Software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Facebook or any of its
subsidiaries or corporate affiliates files a lawsuit alleging patent
infringement against you in the first instance, and you respond by filing a
patent infringement counterclaim in that lawsuit against that party that is
unrelated to the Software, the license granted hereunder will not terminate
under section (i) of this paragraph due to such counterclaim.

A "Necessary Claim" is a claim of a patent owned by Facebook that is
necessarily infringed by the Software standing alone.

A "Patent Assertion" is any lawsuit or other action alleging direct, indirect,
or contributory infringement or inducement to infringe any patent, including a
cross-claim or counterclaim.

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